Texas, Nueces County Death Records Index, 1884 - 1926

The Texas, Nueces County Death Records Index contains 33,857 records that begin in 1884 and continue through 1926. These death records were compiled by the Nueces County Clerk's office. To learn more about the Texas, Nueces County Death Records Index, visit the website for the Nueces County Clerk .

Information Available In This Collection

Most death records in the Texas, Nueces County Death Records Index display the full name of the deceased, along with location of the death. Also included are the case and record numbers, record identification number, record date and file date, plus the document sort code.

About the Nueces County Clerk

The source records for the those compiled in the Texas, Nueces County Death Records Index are stored by the Nueces County Clerk. To learn how to obtain copies of these death records, contact the Nueces County Clerk below.

Nueces County Clerk
901 Leopard Street, Room 201
Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

The Nueces County Clerk not only acts as the county recorder, but also assumes the role of county treasurer. All birth and death certificates and marriage licenses for the county are distributed through the Nueces County Clerk's office. Although the Texas Department of Health Vital Statistics Bureau acts as the state's central repository for all vital records, the Nueces County Clerk has direct access to their electronic database and also maintains local records. The Nueces County Clerk keeps track of the county finances.

In addition to death certificates, the Nueces County Clerk also supports and maintains records for the counties criminal and civil courts, as well as collects filing fees. Also recorded are all county real estate transactions and taxes, mental health records, optometry records, foreclosure notices, military discharge records, and records of livestock marks and brands. The Nueces County Clerk also oversees all elections for the county.

Individuals may visit the Nueces County Clerk's office to request death certificates within the county, but also throughout Texas, since Nueces County Clerk is plugged into the vital records database. Texas protects death records until they are older than 25 years. Any death record occurring within the last 25 years can only be accessed by immediate family members, legal representatives or guardians, or the executor of the estate. Requests for copies of death certificates can also be made by mail or online through Texas.gov.

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