Texas, Nueces County Marriage Records Index, 1857 - 2010

The Texas, Nueces County Marriage Records holds 45,767 records in its extensive collection that spans the decades between 1857 and 2010. The information provided in this archive was compiled by the Nueces County Clerk and includes couples who were married in Nueces County during this time frame. Individuals can learn more information about the Texas, Nueces County Marriage Records by visiting the Nueces County Clerk website.

Information Available In This Collection

The Texas, Nueces County Marriage Records index includes a range of vital statistics on individuals married in Nueces County throughout this time span. Some of the vital statistics provided include the full name and gender for both spouses, as well the marriage location when that information is available. While the marriage date is not specifically listed, dates for both the recording and filing are listed to help individuals find the marriage license they are looking for quickly and accurately.

Because this is a rather extensive archive that spans many decades, the records listed in the collections have also been properly catalogued for easy retrieval. In addition to the dates of recording and filing, each record includes a record ID and a document number. A document sort number is also provided. These ID numbers ensure you get a copy of the precise document you are looking for, whether you order it by mail, online or in person from the Nueces County Clerk's office.

About the Nueces County Clerk

The records of the Texas, Nueces County Marriage Records are held by the Nueces County Clerk. To obtain original copies of the records of this collection, contact the Nueces County Clerk at:

Nueces County Clerk
P.O. Box 2627
Corpus Christi, TX 78403

Every marriage license and record with the Nueces County Clerk features its own assigned numbers and all of the vital statistics listed above when the information is available. The documents are all filed according to the full name of both spouses as well. The Neuces County Clerk is responsible for maintaining all public records in a safe and efficient manner, so interested parties can receive authentic copies of original documents whenever they wish.

The Texas, Nueces County Marriage Records in the Nueces County Clerk are recorded in chronological order by year only and by the full name of each spouse. Extensive cataloguing also ensures fast, accurate retrieval of documents in question.

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