Ohio Divorce Records Index, 1962 to 1963; 1967 to 1969; 1970 to 1971; 1973 to 2007

There are 1,978,118 divorce records in the Ohio Divorce Records Index that range from the years 1962 to 1963, 1967 through 1969, 1970 through 1971, and 1973 through 2007. These divorce records come from the Ohio Department of Health, and more information about them is available online at Ohio Department of Health .

Information Available In This Collection

Divorce records in the Ohio Divorce Records Index usually include the full name of the person filing for divorce, date of birth, residence and age at the time the divorce occurred. These divorce records also include the marriage and subsequent divorce date, the divorce certificate and volume numbers, and the divorce location. Information on the spouse is also provided, including the spouse's full name, date of birth, residence and age at the time of the divorce.

About the Ohio Department of Health

Original copies of divorce records may be requested from the Ohio Department of Health. To learn more about ordering copies, use the contact information below.

Ohio Department of Health
246 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

The Ohio Department of Health oversees the Office of Vital Statistics, which is responsible for maintaining a divorce records index from 1954 to the present. Since actual divorce decrees are issued by the county clerk of court where the divorce occurs, they are stored by the individual county clerks. The Ohio Department of Health's divorce records index allows individuals to search for divorce records to learn where the divorce decree was issued.

The Ohio Department of Health accepts online requests for divorce records searches that will provide the general information on where to find the actual divorce decree. These searches require individual to fill out an online application. The Office of Vital Statistics will perform a ten-year search at a cost of $3 per search, which usually takes anywhere from three to six weeks to finish.

In Ohio, vital records are deemed public record, since Ohio is an open records state. Requests, therefore, can be made for any divorce record or other vital record. It's helpful to include information like name of party involved and a date. If the date isn't known, the Ohio Department of Health Office of Vital Statistics performs searches in ten year increments.

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