Utah, Piute County, Clerk Birth Registers Index, 1898

The Utah, Piute County Clerk Birth Registers Index contains 32 birth records that occurred in the year 1898. These birth records come directly from the Utah State Archives. To learn more about this institution and what they have to offer, visit them online at the Utah State Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

Birth records contained in the Utah, Piute County Clerk Birth Registers Index usually contain the gender, race, birth date and last name of the baby, along with the full names of the parents and their place of residence within Piute County. Some records might be missing certain pieces of information, which is likely due to an incomplete source record.

About the Utah State Archives

The Utah State Archives maintains the Piute County birth register index for 1898, and the institution placed these records into a searchable online index to make it easier for individuals looking for a particular birth record to find it. The actual birth certificates for 1898 are organized in the order they were filed, instead of by birth date or name. In 1898, Utah passed a law requiring births to be recorded with the county clerk by the midwife or physician attending the birth or by the parents. After 1905, birth records became stored by the State Bureau of Vital Statistics, which is under the Utah Department of Health.

The Piute County birth records for 1898 typically include the full name of the baby, gender, race, birth date, residence, parents' full names and informant's name. Copies are available to the public because these birth certificates are more than 100 years old. However, any birth certificate less than 100 years old will only be released to immediate family in Utah. Utah State Archives holds historical birth registers for most Utah counties, unless they have yet to be created, although not all the birth registers feature an online index for easier searching.

The Utah State Archives also stores historic death records, divorce records, marriage licenses and adoption records. There is a myriad of historic records and collections of information that help show what the climate was like in Utah during a particular time period. This can include the political structure, as well as the jurisdictions of various counties and courts throughout Utah's history. Other record collections include military, probate, property, land records, and various state government and court records, including historic state supreme court records.

Individuals are permitted to perform research or request copies of Piute County birth records in person at the Utah State Archives or can request copies by mail, telephone or via the online request form. To obtain additional information about getting copies of birth records or about the Utah State Archives, use the following information.

Utah State Archives
300 South Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

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