Utah, Salt Lake County, Clerk Birth Registers Index, 1898 to 1905

The birth records available in the Utah, Salt Lake County, County Clerk Birth Registers Index total 9,956 and cover the years 1898 through 1905. These birth records come from the Utah State Archives. More information regarding the Utah State Archives can be found online at the Utah State Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

The birth records within the Utah, Salt Lake County Clerk Birth Registers Index should contain the child's last name, date of birth, gender, address or residence location, race, and parents' first initials or first names and last names. If any birth record is incomplete, this is usually due to the source record being damaged, illegible or incomplete.

About the Utah State Archives

The Utah State Archives compiled this index from Salt Lake County's birth register beginning in 1898, when Utah started required midwives and physicians to register and report every birth they attended. If the birth was unattended, the parents were responsible for reporting the birth to the county clerk. Reporting to the county clerk was done quarterly. This changed in 1905, when the Utah Department of Health standardized the birth certificate, and birth records were required to be reported to the State Bureau of Vital Statistics under the Department of Health.

The Utah State Archives is committed to preserving a wide variety of historical records, and in this endeavor, has put a lot of its records into indexes. The Salt Lake County birth register is available to the public via an online searchable index that allows individuals to perform name searches to obtain record numbers for easier identification. Actual birth certificates from this index typically include the child's name, race, color, gender, birth date, parents' names and address and attending physician. Starting in 1904, information like legitimacy, number of children the mother has, birth place of both parents, and ages of both parents has been included.

The Utah State Archives also provides historical references for many of their records, including for Salt Lake County's birth register. It outlines the start of the Salt Lake County Clerk, which was created in 1850 primarily to be the county's bookkeeper and record keeper, along with organizing elections and political parties. The Utah State Archives also maintains historical death records, marriage and divorce records and court records, including probate cases and naturalizations.

Individuals may make in person requests for Salt Lake County birth records at the Utah State Archives research center or may request copies by mail, telephone or by using the online request form. To learn more about requesting birth records from Utah State Archives, contact them using the following information.

Utah State Archives
300 South Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

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