Canada, Toronto, Ontario Emigrant Office Records, 1865 to 1876

Individuals searching the Canada, Toronto, Ontario Emigrant Office Records Index will find 29,204 records collected from 1865 through 1876. These records were compiled by from the Immigration Department of Canada, however, the Archives of Ontario maintain these records for the public.

To learn more about the Canada, Toronto, Ontario Emigrant Office Records Index, visit the Ingeneas Database and Archives of Ontario .

Information Available In This Collection

Each record in the Canada, Toronto, Ontario Emigrant Office Records Index displays the first and last name of the individual, the date of arrival and port of arrival, which is labeled as the destination.

About the Archives of Ontario and

The primary source for the Canada, Toronto, Ontario Emigrant Office Records Index is the Archives of Ontario, who preserve these immigration records. Individuals who would like to research these records further or order copies should contact the Archives of Ontario using the following information.

Archives of Ontario
134 Ian Macdonald Boulevard
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M7A 2C5
416-327-1600 is a website dedicated to producing a comprehensive genealogy database to help people discover their Canadian roots. A group of genealogy researchers continue to grow this database that already includes important types of Canadian records, like marriage licenses, death and birth certificates, passenger lists, census records, military records, immigration documents, and land records. Individuals may search the online database using surnames and receive an overview of any records available, along with the option to purchase a copy of the original.

The immigration records from the Toronto, Ontario Emigrant Office typically include the individual's full name, nationality, date of application, name of ship that brought the individual to Canada, Canadian port, ultimate destination, and the ages of anyone accompanying the named individual. Originally, the Emigrant Office was responsible not only for recording vital information and reporting it, but was also responsible for providing new immigrants with temporary shelter and provisions. The Emigrant Office also helped immigrants locate employment, transportation and medical care.

The Archives of Ontario hold a vast amount of historic Canadian records that relate directly to the Ontario region, including immigration records. The original immigration records are closed to the public in order to preserve them, but the information is contained on microfilm that can be viewed by anyone. If a library branch participates with the Archives of Ontario, an individual may request a particular microfilm reel and view it locally if the main branch's location is inconvenient. Also, copies from microfilm reels may be ordered from the Archives of Ontario. There is also an online description of all the Ontario immigration records, along with corresponding microfilm numbers, so that individuals will know which reels to request.

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