Texas, Upshur County Birth Records Index, 1879-1926

The Texas, Upshur County Birth Records Index ranges from 1879 up through 1926 and holds 22,308 birth records. These records were compiled from the Upshur County Clerk's office. To learn more about the Upshur County Clerk and the Texas, Upshur County Birth Records Index, visit them online at Upshur County Clerk .

Information Available In This Collection

Data found in the Texas, Upshur County Birth Records Index includes the full name of the individual on record, as well as the individual's date of birth and birth place. The first, middle and last names of both parents are typically included as well.

About the Upshur County Clerk

Hard copies can be obtained from the Upshur County Clerk's office. To get more information on ordering copies of birth certificates from the Texas, Upshur County Birth Records Index, contact the Upshur County Clerk.

Upshur County Clerk
100 West Tyler Street, 2nd Floor
PO Box 730
Gilmer, Texas 75644

Birth records in Texas are protected unless they are more than 75 years old, in which case the birth record becomes public information. Upshur County maintains county vital records, but does not have an online ordering system. Instead, birth certificate requesters are directed to Texas.gov to complete online orders.

In addition to recording and maintaining county birth records, the Upshur County Clerk is responsible for maintaining all public records filed by the public, as well as records filed by the Commissioners Court, all probate courts and the county court. Applications made by the public for retrieving death and birth certificates and military records are also handled there.

The Upshur County Clerk also oversees all general and special elections within the county, meaning it coordinates supplying various polling places with voting equipment, trains election volunteers, and counts election returns. The County Clerk's office is open to the public during the week and can typically satisfy in-person requests for birth certificates quickly, unless the person requesting the record is not authorized.

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