Canada, Usborne Township, Huron County, Ontario Birth Records, 1876 to 1909

The Canada, Usborne Township, Huron County, Ontario Birth Records Index contains 560 birth records spanning from 1876 up through 1909. These records were compiled from the Archives of Ontario in Toronto and provided courtesy of Ingeneas, a Canadian genealogy resource. To learn more about the Canada, Usborne Township, Huron County, Ontario Birth Records Index, visit the following websites: Ingeneas Database and Archives of Ontario.

Information Available In This Collection

The birth records contained in the Canada, Usborne Township, Huron County, Ontario Birth Records Index feature the full name of the individual, the date of birth (sometimes just the year of birth), and the location of the birth.

About Ingeneas and the Archives of Ontario

The source birth records in the Canada, Usborne Township, Huron County, Ontario Birth Records Index can be found through the online Ingeneas database or by contacting the Archives of Ontario, whose contact information is listed below, to order hard copies.

Archives of Ontario.< br /> 77 Grenville
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1W4, Canada

In Ontario, Canada, births were regularly recorded starting in 1869, although these were civil registrations that continued through 1911. Prior to 1869, birth records consist mostly of baptism records found in local churches. The civil birth registrations would include the full name of the infant, gender, race, date of birth, birth location, the full names of the parents, the father's occupation and the doctor's name.

The Ingeneas database is an online genealogical resource dedicated to preserving various types of Canadian records as an historical reference. In addition to birth records, Ingeneas also compiles Canadian passenger lists, immigration records, census records, marriage and death records from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Their database can be searched by the public using an individual's name.

The Archives of Ontario is dedicated to preserving Ontario's past by recording and maintaining historic records pertaining to Ontario that come from both government and private sources. The records maintained by the Archives of Ontario are mostly paper and are stored in a newer facility designed to properly house archive materials. In addition to vital records like birth certificates, death and marriage records, the Archives of Ontario also house government records and records related to the private sector. Audio and video records also exist and are stored here. The Archives Reading Room is where many of these records can be viewed, since most are not on electronic databases.

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