War of 1812 Veterans, 1812 to 1815

The War of 1812 Veterans Index contains 1,892 records pertaining to soldiers from the north east, particularly from Maine. These records date back to 1812 and continue through 1815 and were collected from the Maine State Archives. To learn more about the War of 1812 Veterans Index, visit the website for the Maine State Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

The records in the War of 1812 Veterans Index include the soldier's full name, his enlistment date, the war fought in and the unit he joined. Any missing information is due to data omitted from the source record or due to a damaged source record.

About the Maine State Archives

The Maine State Archives holds the records supporting the War of 1812 Veterans Index. Individuals who would like to learn how to obtain specific copies or view these historic records should contact the Maine State Archives using the following information.

Maine State Archives
84 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333

The Maine State Archives maintains various historic indexes that list information summarizing the types of records stored, including the War of 1812 Veterans Index. This index contains information on the men who served in the 33rd and 34th U.S. Infantry, as well as names of people who were on the USS Adams, which was blown up on September 3, 1814 in Hampden, Maine.

Each veteran record features the veteran's full name, age at enlistment, place of birth, complexion, eye and hair color, height, residence, occupation, date and place of enlistment, unit, rank, name of recruiting officer, number of years enlisted for, and any comments. These comments could include details of death during service.

The War of 1812 was fought mostly between the Americans and the British, although France and Canada were involved. The Americans were protesting against restricted trade and the British "repatriating" American men from ships at sea, which meant forcing Americans onto British ships to work. By the end of the war, all occupied territories were restored to the U.S. and the right to fish on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence was granted to the U.S.

The Maine State Archives also houses collections of records that pertain to other historic wars, like the Civil War, Mexican War and Revolutionary War. They also maintain historic judicial and state government records, as well as records from the Land Office beginning in 1749. Individuals may visit the Maine State Archives and explore the many records collections or find the records desired online and request copies by mail.

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