Texas, Wichita County Marriage Index, 1918-2010

The Texas, Wichita County Marriage Records Index is a collection of 114,053 marriage records from 1918 through 2010. These marriage records were compiled by the Wichita County Clerk. To learn more information about the Texas, Wichita County Marriage Records Index, visit the Wichita County Clerk.

Information Available in the Texas, Wichita County Marriage Records Index

The information provided in the Texas, Wichita County Marriage Records Index includes the full names of the bride and groom, the date and location of the marriage, the marriage certificate number, the volume, book code and page number for the source record, and the date the marriage certificate was recorded. When available, a digital image of the source record is also displayed.

About the Wichita County Clerk

To learn how to order hard copies of marriage certificates found in the Texas, Wichita County Marriage Records Index, contact the Wichita County Clerk using the following information.

Wichita County Clerk
900 7th Street, Room 250
Wichita Falls, Texas 76301

The Wichita County Clerk has a variety of responsibilities, in addition to its duties as county recorder. For example, the Wichita County Clerk administers every state and county election, including primaries. Also, the Wichita County Clerk is also the commissioners and county courts' clerk, responsible for recording all court proceedings. The Wichita County Clerk collects fees for many of its recording services, and these fees must be accounted for and used to pay local jurors.

When it comes to recording documents for Wichita County, the Wichita County Clerk collects and maintains probate records, assumed name certificates, personal property and real property deeds, brand and cattle mark registrations, death and birth certificates and, of course, issues marriage licenses and records and files marriage certificates. Marriage certificates are considered public record and aren't protected like birth and death certificates, meaning that all records in the Texas, Wichita County Marriage Records Index are available to anyone.

Individuals should contact the Wichita County Clerk to find out the best way to obtain copies of marriage certificates. In Texas, the local county clerks are responsible for maintaining all marriage certificates, and individuals must request marriage certificates from the county where the marriage took place, as they are not centrally maintained (like birth and death certificates are in Texas). Often, walk-ins are welcome and requests can be satisfied the same day. Requests can also be made by phone or mail, and the proper fee will be required before and marriage certificate copies will be distributed.

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