The U.S. Census. Discover the best resource in family history.

When it comes to American family history research, the U.S.
Census is the ultimate resource. is thrilled to
announce the addition of the complete U.S. Census to its
already billion-record-strong database. Search now »

What does it mean for you?

The addition of over 500 million census records and 10 million original images over the coming months means access to the most authoritative and complete index of American life. The records include names, ages, birth locations, family members, occupations, military service, ethnicity, gender, and more, depending on census year. This information makes identifying unknown ancestors and tracking your family's migration across the U.S. easier than ever. The images of the original documents provide confirmation of your ancestor's historical details and are a powerful connection to the past to share with family and friends.

Will the census records cost extra?

No! This extraordinary resource is available at the same industry-leading low annual price of $39.95-a huge cost savings compared to other genealogy sites. It's just one benefit of Archives' new joint digitization effort with Family Search International, one of the most respected organizations in genealogy. Along with the Census data, Archives is also pledging a minimum of five million dollars toward digitizing historical records never before available online.

Why does the census collection stop at 1930?

Federal law prohibits public use of the census for 72 years
from the original census date. The 1940 Census will not be
available until April 2, 2012. is partnering with the National Archives (NARA) to bring the
1940 Census images online. Learn More »
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The U.S. Census record estimates paint a powerful picture of our nation's astounding growth. Of note: from 1790-1840, the census only listed heads of household, and the 1890 Census documents were nearly wiped out in a 1921 fire.