Accomack County, VA Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

Accomack County vital recordsFor vital records, telephone the Accomack County Clerk of Circuit Court at 757-787-5776. Virginia vital records are available to qualified individuals for $12.00 at the Virginia Department of Health. Death, marriage, and divorce records become public after 50 years, birth records after 100. Accomack County got its name from the Eastern Shore. Long before the first white settlers arrived in what is now Virginia, Native Americans called the Eastern Shore Accawmacke ("across the water place"). The original shire of Accomac, created in 1634, covered the entire Eastern Shore. Starting in 1642, the shire was called Northampton for a time.

Accomack County Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

Accomack County
PO Box 126
Accomac, VA 23301-0126
Hours of Operation: 9AM-5PM EST
Phone: 757-787-5776
Fax: 757-787-1849
Assessor: 757-787-5729
Treasurer: 757-787-5740
Recording Officer: Clerk of Circuit Court
Records Online: Real Estate, Grantor/Grantee, Deed, Mortgage, Lien, Judgment, Marriage, Will
Assessor Fax: 757-789-3350

Accomack County Marriage & Divorce Records

Accomack County Birth & Death Records

About Accomack County, Virginia

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