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Grant Parish vital recordsGrant Parish experienced the highest growth rate in all of central Louisiana during the early and mid 2000s, and it continues to grow to this day. The Court Recorder keeps track of the vital records as the parish continues its growth, and it is located in the parish seat of Colfax in the Courthouse on 200 Main Street. The Court Recorder's office's phone number is (318) 627-3246. While the parish may have had the highest growth rate, it is still relatively small, with less than 20,000 people residing there, and as such, online indexing sites can also be utilized. Kisatchie National Forest, which is the only national forest in all of Louisiana, is located in Grant Parish. It is a 604,000 acre pine and hardwood forest that was designated in 1930. The park is open to the public and has over 100 miles of trails, among other attractions.

Grant Parish Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

Grant Parish
PO Box 263
Colfax, LA 71417
Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-4:30PM CST
Phone: 318-627-3246
Fax: 318-627-3201
Real Estate: 318-627-3246
Assessor: 318-627-5471
Treasurer: 318-627-3157
Elections: 318-627-3246
Recording Officer: Clerk of Court
Assessor Fax: 318-627-5625
Search Fee: $30.00.
Assessor Website

Grant Parish Marriage & Divorce Records - County Courts

Category: Courts
Grant Parish - Clerk Of Court
200 Main Street
Colfax, LA 71417
Phone: (318)627-3246

Grant Parish Birth & Death Records

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