Harmon County, OK Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

Harmon County vital recordsHarmon County vital records date from 1909 but were not uniformly maintained until the 1940s. Copies are available for $15 from the County Health Department in Hollis, by mail or in person, or from the state Health Department in Oklahoma City; records for living persons are restricted. Online orders are accepted through VitalChek. Historical records are maintained by the Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society in Lawton as well as the Oklahoma Historical Society in Oklahoma City. Marriage and divorce records are available from the Courthouse Clerk in Hollis. The second-smallest county in population, Harmon was carved in 1909 from adjacent Greer County, where pre-1909 records may be found.

Harmon County Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

Harmon County
114 W Hollis
Hollis, OK 73550
Hours of Operation: 8AM-4PM CST
Phone: 580-688-3658
Fax: 580-688-9784
Assessor: 580-688-3566
Treasurer: 580-882-3566
Elections: 580-688-2460
Other: 580-688-3617
Recording Officer: County Clerk
Assessor Fax: 580- 688-9784
Assessor Website
Assessor Address: 114 W Hollis

Harmon County Marriage & Divorce Records - County Courts

Category: Courts
Harmon County - Court Clerk
Hollis, OK 73550
Phone: (580)688-3617

Harmon County Birth & Death Records

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