Mason County, TX Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

Mason County vital recordsIn Mason County, Texas, vital records are the responsibility of the County Clerk , who is also the District Clerk. Mason is the county seat. Birth and death records begin in 1903, marriage in 1877. All divorce records were kept by the District until county court commenced in 1985; since the same person is both County Clerk and District Clerk, divorce records are all in the same office. There are currently no records on line. Martin County was formed on August 21, 1876, from Bexar County and named for Wylie Martin. At times it has been attached to several other counties.

Mason County Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

Mason County
PO Box 702
Mason, TX 76856-0702
Hours of Operation: 8AM-N, 1-4PM CST
Phone: 325-347-5253
Fax: 325-347-6868
Real Estate: 325-347-5253
Assessor: 325-347-6937
Treasurer: 325-347-5251
Appraiser: 325-347-5989
Elections: 325-347-5253
Vital Records: 325-347-5253
Recording Officer: County Clerk
Assessor Website

Mason County Marriage & Divorce Records

Mason County Birth & Death Records

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