Mercer County, PA Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

Mercer County vital recordsMercer County birth and death vital records dating from 1906 are available from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Vital Records in New Castle, but certified copies are restricted to family. Certificate copies can be ordered online, by mail, or in person. Historical birth and death records, prior to 1906 and dating to 1682, are unrestricted and available from the Mercer County Genealogical Society in Sharon or the Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg. Marriage and divorce vital records are unrestricted court public records, with copies available from the Mercer County court clerk in Mercer. Mercer County was formed in 1800 from Allegheny County.

Mercer County Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

Mercer County Prothonotary
105 Courthouse
Mercer, PA 16137-0066
Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-4:30PM EST
Phone: 724-662-3800 x2261
Recording Officer: County Prothonotary
Records Online: Judgment, Tax Lien
Note: See Recorder for real estate records.

Mercer County Recorder
109 Courthouse
Mercer, PA 16137-1293
Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-4:30PM EST
Phone: 724-662-3800
Fax: 724-662-2096
Real Estate: 724-662-3800 x2277
Assessor: 724-662-3800 x2505
Treasurer: 724-662-3800 x 2514
Elections: 724-662-3803 x2240
Recording Officer: County Recorder of Deeds
Records Online: Real Estate, Grantor/Grantee, Deed, Mortgage, SATS
Note: No tax liens filed here.

Mercer County Marriage & Divorce Records

Mercer County Birth & Death Records

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