Placer County, CA Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

Placer County vital recordsFind vital records for Placer County, California by contacting the clerk recorder's office. Their website can be found here, and includes information on obtaining copies of birth, death and marriage records, including up-to-date fee information and the appropriate application forms. To find Pacer County divorce records, contact the Placer County court clerk. Copies of vital records are available for a fee and can be obtained in person or ordered by mail. The Pacer County Vital Statistics office maintains records of recent births and deaths dating back to the past year only.

Placer County Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

Placer County
2954 Richardson Dr
Auburn, CA 95603
Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM (recording 9AM-4PM) PST
Phone: 530-886-5600
Fax: 530-886-5687
Real Estate: 530-886-5600
Assessor: 530-889-4300
Treasurer: 530-889-4140
Elections: 530-886-5650
Vital Records: 530-886-5600
Recording Officer: County Recorder
Records Online: Real Estate, Deed, Fictitious Name, Marriage
Assessor Fax: 530-889-4305
Assessor Website

Placer County Marriage & Divorce Records

Placer County Birth & Death Records

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