Popular Blog Notices Genealogy Archives!

by Julie Hill

Posted on August 27, 2009

A couple weeks ago, we had a conversation with popular blogger Diane Haddad of Genealogy Insider.  We wanted to give her a little more information about us and our plans for the future.  Our primary goal for the conversation was to get some feedback on the site from someone very familiar with the genealogical community. 

Diane had some great thoughts for us. For example, she suggested adding an About Us page, with a short synopsis of our vision and company details.  This About Us page will be one of the next additions we'll make to the site--look for it soon!

Following our discussion, Diane made a post featuring Genealogy Archives on Genealogy Insider Monday, August 24.  The post entitled New Subscription Site: Genealogy Archives gives basics about the site, details from our conversation, and Diane's initial impressions.

On Genealogy Archives death record searches she says:

"I liked how SSDI results link you to a list of cemeteries near each person's place of death, which in turn link to the cemetery's results in Find-A-Grave or from a Google search, and any USGenWeb entries..." To read the entire article click here.
We're excited that Diane, the ultimate 'Insider' noticed us; just one of many positive steps forward for Archives!
If you have feedback you'd like to share with a member of the team, please email us directly at [email protected]. Or, post a comment below. Thanks!

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