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Marquez Genealogy & History

Marquez has origins in both France and Spain. In French, Marquez is derived from the old French word marquis, a Norman name for nobility ranking just below an earl. The surname is first found in Normandy, France. Marquez family history shows a pre-Christian connection to a popular baptismal name, Marcus. In medieval times, cities in France, Spain, and Italy were named in honor of St. Mark and the surname was adopted by families living in those regions. Marquez genealogy in North America traces back to settlers arriving in Canada and the America as early as the 16th century.

Marquez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Marquez-- --, 1914September 10,2004CO
Balbino Marquez-- --, 1886May ,1979NY
Calistro Marquez-- --, 1885July 15,1967TX
Dagoberto Marquez-- --, 1923March 16,1995TX

Marquez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Marie Marquez-- --, 1915August 29,1989Mulvane,KS
Fabian Marquez-- --, 1964February 24,2004Cayey,PR
Gabina Marquez-- --, 1926December 27,2003Odessa,TX
Harold Marquez-- --, 1929May 6,2002Riverside,CA

Marquez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Salvador MarquezAllyson PerryJune 24,1989Wake, NC
Maurilio MarquezStephanie MusselmanDecember 3,1994Wake, NC
Hector MarquezLinda ElizondoApril 20,2000Maverick, TX
Isadoro MarquezJennifer HinojosaAugust 17,2000Randall, TX

Most Common Surnames After Marquez

1086th: Contreras1087th: Mayfield
1088th: Morin1089th: Hatcher
1090th: Hamm1091st: Langley
1092nd: Wooten1093rd: Sinclair
1094th: Albright1095th: Acosta

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