Find Genealogy Records

We look forward to the day when all genealogy records are digitized and available online. But we've got a long way to go, and unfortunately not every record can be found in's databases (or anyone elses).

  • Some records have been lost to fire or disaster
  • Some records are waiting to still be scanned into computers
  • Some records are transcribed by HAND and are not currently imputed
  • Some government agencies won't allow the records to be published
  • Some records are too sensitive to release to the public

But whatever the reason, just because a record isn't available online doesn't mean that you can't find it! We've assembled instructions, pre-filled paperwork, and tried to make it easy for you to get the files. Use the links below to learn how you can get your records.

Newspaper Articles or Obituaries
Cemetery Listings
Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce)
Immigration & Naturalizataion Records
Census Records
Military & Service Records

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