Why Archives.com Is Not A Scam

With so many websites boasting genealogy records and databases - and many of those websites making false claims just to make money - it gets harder every day to distinguish between the reputable genealogy websites and the ones that have little or nothing to offer. The question is: Is Archives.com a scam?

Archives.com Dispels the Scam Rumors

Understanding how a genealogy website works is one of the best ways to distinguish between a scam and a reputable company. Archives.com, in an effort to clearly set itself apart from the questionable genealogy websites in operation, allows users to try out the service before purchasing a membership. Other genealogy websites that could be classified as scams make you pay immediately upfront, without a free trial.

Archives.com, however, allows its content and services to speak for themselves. From its massive collection of over two billion records (and counting!) to its quality products and expert panel discussions on everything from ancient and medieval genealogy to international records and research strategies, Archives.com has made a name for itself, thereby leaving the scam genealogy websites far behind.

Archives.com Products Are No Scam

In addition to its vast number of records, which include everything from newspaper records and birth records to death records and census reports, Archives.com is a one-stop shop for people looking to trace their roots.

Beyond its massive collection of over two billion records, Archives.com also offers DNA tests, gift memberships, vital certificates, a court-runner network that allows you to save a considerable amount of time searching for non-digitized court records, premium reports that provide comprehensive contact information and background reports, and unlimited access to Newspaper ARCHIVE, the largest historical online newspaper database that boasts over 120 newspaper records dating back to 1753.

Plus, as a member of Archives.com, you have access to One Great Family, the world's largest family tree that is home to more than 200 million unique family records.

Archives.com Clearly Sets Itself Apart from Scam Websites

Archives.com is a comprehensive genealogy website, meaning that instead of searching endlessly through many websites to find the family information for which you are looking, you can simply search the records through Archives.com. Unlike scam websites that offer little more than direction on where to turn for records, Archives.com has all of the records to perform the best search possible right at your fingertips. Archives.com saves you significant time, putting all the resources for your genealogy search right in your hands.

Archives.com's website boasts comprehensive information, advanced algorithms to provide you with the best search results, and fast search engines that provide you with the information you need in record time. Archives.com has a number of user-friendly filters that allow you to narrow your searches so you can find exactly what you are looking, thereby eliminating extraneous information.

Just some of the comprehensive, vast collections provided to you as a member of Archives.com are: social security death index, U.S. funeral home obituaries, U.S. newspaper obituaries, middle schools and high school yearbooks, military yearbooks, and marriage and death records.

Archives.com's Many Accolades Eliminates Any Scam Notion

Archives.com has made a name for itself, winning accolades with some of the most respected media outlets in genealogy, thereby dispelling any scam rumors. In addition to its many satisfied members, Archives.com has been recognized for its top-notch resources, collections and search engines. Here are just a few of the recent accolades bestowed upon Archives.com:

  • Family Tree Magazine names Archives.com as one of the best family history websites in their annual ranking of both paid and free websites. Archives.com received high rankings for its useful features, affordable prices and availability of online resources. Family Tree Magazine is America's largest genealogy magazine in terms of circulation.
  • Archives.com was recently named as one of the top genealogy websites in ProGenealogists' annual ranking of the top 50 Genealogy Websites. Kory Meyerink, the vice president of ProGenealogists, said of Archives.com: "For the past three years, we have been tracking the most visited sites. Simply put, if thousands of other family researchers found a site to be useful, all researchers should know about such sites and check them out."

Archives.com has been able to dispel all scam rumors by providing an excellent service that allows family members to trace their family roots in an easy and affordable manner.

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