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Hamby Genealogy & History

Hamby is a locational pre-eighth-century Danish Viking name denoting farm on flat land (hamm). The coat of arms is a shield divided into horizontal thirds; black, silver, and black with three red circles evenly spaced on the silver. Hamby family history tells us that Edward Hamby is the first known spelling of the name in 1531 and that he was married at Brocklesby, Lincolnshire, England. Two members of the Hamby genealogy are critic, editor, poet, and fiction writer Barbara Hamby and illustrator and comic book artist Priscilla Hamby.

Hamby Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abel Hamby-- --, 1910April 20,1995MO
B Lucille Hamby-- --, 1918June 7,2007MO
Caleb Hamby-- --, 1922April 15,2001KY
Daisy Hamby-- --, 1908October ,1971GA

Hamby Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Frank Hamby-- --, 1924September 13,1999Mobile,AL
Fair Hamby-- --, 1903November ,1980Murphy,NC
Gail Hamby-- --, 1943February 19,2009Denver,CO
H Joyce Hamby-- --, 1935November 9,2009Talala,OK

Hamby Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
William HambyGayla WeberJanuary 8,2003Tarrant, TX
Otis HambyMarguerite LindtAugust 14,1973Bell, TX
Norman HambyCora LawsonMay 9,1970Anderson, TX
Irwin HambyLinda DollinsFebruary 20,1969Collingsworth, TX

Most Common Surnames After Hamby

2257th: Forrester2258th: Speer
2259th: Ralston2260th: Kitchen
2261st: Trout2262nd: Waterman
2263rd: Rockwell2264th: Reinhardt
2265th: Marion2266th: Salisbury

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