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Joy Genealogy & History

Joy originates from the Old French word joie, meaning cheerful or joyous, which in turn is from the Latin gaudere, meaning rejoice. Some of the different spellings are Joie, Joyes, Goye, Joyce, Goys and Goce. The family motto is death, or life with honor. Joy family history tells us that Lefwin Joie is the first known spelling of the name in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk, England, in 1166. Two members of the Joy genealogy are ornithologist and coleopterist Norman Humbert Joy and author and journalist Mary E. Joy.

Joy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Emerson Joy-- --, 1919April 26,1991MD
Barbara Joy-- --, 1925November 20,2002MA
Caddie Joy-- --, 1892January ,1983VA
D Joan Joy-- --, 1929October 27,1988IA

Joy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jack Joy-- --, 1918June ,1979Las Vegas,NV
Fannie Joy-- --, 1904March 15,1994Sonora,TX
Gaile Joy-- --, 1869May ,1972Los Angeles,CA
H Dean Joy-- --, 1922June 3,1993Broken Bow,NE

Joy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anil JoySmitha KannachamparambilNovember 22,2006Wake, NC
Bernard JoySusan GalassoOctober 11,1980Wake, NC
Duane JoyJeanne BladesApril 21,1973Wake, NC
Robert JoyMargaret ThompsonJuly 31,1971Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Joy

2279th: Nye2280th: Salmon
2281st: Wenzel2282nd: Keefe
2283rd: Rea2284th: Linton
2285th: Haywood2286th: Gillette
2287th: Reaves2288th: Boland

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