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Monroe genealogy is Scottish, though most clan legend claims that the family came from Ireland in the twelfth century. It may derive from the Gaelic "Maolruadh", from "maol" for "bald" and "ruadh" for "red", so the name means a balding or tonsured man with red hair. It may also be a locational name referring to someone who lived near the River Roe in County Derry in Ireland. There are a number of other possible derivations and many alternate spellings, including Munro and Monro. Monroe family history includes the fifth President of the United States, James Monroe, as well as American actress and cultural icon Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Wayne Monroe-- --, 1961July 17,2010CO
Bahe Monroe-- --, 1925May 10,1999AZ
C Dale Monroe-- --, 1932December 17,2003KY
D Arlene Monroe-- --, 1926January 24,2004MO

Monroe Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gilbert Monroe-- --, 1920December 23,2003Whitesboro,NY
F Bruce Monroe-- --, 1917August 12,2007Signal Mountain,TN
G Fox Monroe-- --, 1915December ,1985Chattanooga,TN
H Ray Monroe-- --, 1915October 13,1999Greenwood,SC

Monroe Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benjamin MonroeMalitha TeasleyJune 22,1948Wake, NC
Daniel MonroeDoris SommervilleApril 19,1975Wake, NC
Junius MonroeHattie BridgersFebruary 19,1938Wake, NC
Lloyd MonroePauline MasseyJuly 30,1938Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Monroe

558th: Schaefer559th: Bartlett
560th: McKee561st: Morse
562nd: Grimes563rd: Richard
564th: Barr565th: Reilly
566th: Snow567th: Mayer

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