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Somers Genealogy & History

The origin of the Anglo-Saxon surname Somers has three possible sources: someone with a warm disposition; someone associated with summer in another way, such as season of birth; and an occupational name for a carrier, from the Middle English sum(p)tes, meaning the driver of a pack animal. Somers family history includes the 16th-century buccaneer Sir George Somers, who wrecked his ship on the Bermudas, then named the Summer Islands, taking possession of them for King James I. Somers genealogy shows that the coat of arms depicts an ermine fess dancettee?indented or toothed band?on a green shield, with a gold lion's head crest.

Somers Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Barbara Somers-- --, 1901September ,1983MD
Barbara Somers-- --, 1931March 24,2005MA
C Christin Somers-- --, 1918February 18,2008MI
Dagmar Somers-- --, 1908September ,1976NY

Somers Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Duane Somers-- --, 1919June 12,2002Shippensburg,PA
Fannie Somers-- --, 1900January 15,1967Eastaboga,AL
Gail Somers-- --, 1916February ,1970Battle Creek,MI
Hamilton Somers-- --, 1925October 22,2006Statesville,NC

Somers Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur SomersSuzanne EdgarMarch 5,1977Harris, TX
Clyde SomersTammy LairdFebruary 14,2002Hardin, TX
Eric SomersDiana FordMay 3,2002Montgomery, TX
Fred SomersCharlotte BrunsApril 13,2002Dallas, TX

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2486th: Applegate2487th: Birch
2488th: Kuntz2489th: Pinto
2490th: Sisk2491st: Shell

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