Family Trees for Kids

Researching a family tree is fun and can lead to exciting discoveries about your family's past, including notorious relatives and even royal lineage! Getting the kids involved is a great way to unite the family in a quest for discovery. A family tree for kids means making family history fun. Learning about the past in general is emphasized throughout school - why not emphasize your own family history with a kids family tree everyone can be proud of?

Making Family History Fun for Kids

Entice your kids by inviting them to play family detective and help make a kids family tree. Let your kids choose a fun detective's notebook to record their family evidence and any notes, and then have them interview older family members to learn the juicy details for a kids family tree. This is a great way to bring kids and grandparents closer together, since most elderly people have many stories to tell. A family tree for kids should include detailed family discussions of past family members to get everyone started in the right direction.

Record Your Family Tree

If your kids are high-tech, have them videotape snippets to include in the kids family tree. Any family heirlooms can be photographed or taped for a family tree for kids. Once these family heirlooms are examined, they can be linked to specific events that occurred during those eras to further tie together history within your family. The family tree for kids can also include a trip to the cemetery to record information in the family plot.

Getting Kids Involved in Family History

A family tree for kids generally doesn't go back more than five generations, meaning that you can focus more on the life events and details from the closest generations to get the kids interested in family history. A family tree for kids can include descriptions of family traditions and where they began. Also, figuring out where on the map branches of the family originate is a great kids family tree learning tool. A U.S. map or world atlas can be used, depending on whether your kids family tree crosses the ocean.

A family tree for kids could also be a pictorial journey through past generations, especially if older family photographs exist. This is where kids can continue to play detective as they use magnifying glasses to take a closer look at the clothes worn in yesteryear. A kids family tree can be non-traditional and fun, but a kids family tree can also be an important teaching tool.

Also, learning about your family's ethnic heritage is a great way to enrich a family tree for kids. Your kids family tree can feature decorative motifs that represent your ancestors' heritage and might even feature "kids family tree" translated into another language!

It doesn't matter how you get your kids involved and excited in their history. A family tree for kids succeeds in arousing their curiosity about family history and how that history helped shape the family identity over the years. The kids family tree, with everyone participating, will bring the family together and let everyone enjoy taking a trip far down memory lane.

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