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Abrams Genealogy & History

Abrams is a patronymic Scottish name, also found in England, Germany, and Holland. It is of early-medieval English origin, meaning son of Abram, a variation of the Hebrew given name Avraham. Avraham/Abraham, meaning father of nations, was the ancestor of all the Israelites. Always popular as a Jewish given name, Abraham was also popular among Christians, particularly after the Reformation, especially in the Abram form. Thus Abrams genealogy is related to that of Abrahams, Abrahamson, and Abramson. The coat of arms has a sun in splendor on blue, signifying authority and strength. American Abrams family history began in Virginia in 1657.

Abrams Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A David Abrams-- --, 1919July 13,1999WV
Bailey Abrams-- --, 1908June 11,2000NJ
C Elmer Abrams-- --, 1924February ,1988NJ
D David Abrams-- --, 1912September 1,1993MA

Abrams Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Naomi Abrams-- --, 1915June 23,2008Claymont,DE
Fae Abrams-- --, 1917January 24,1986Titusville,FL
Gale Abrams-- --, 1933January 1,2006Florence,MT
H Dudley Abrams-- --, 1892May ,1987Los Angeles,CA

Abrams Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron AbramsMelinda AlvisApril 29,2000Collin, TX
Christopher AbramsTanisha RighmondJanuary 16,2000Harris, TX
Duane AbramsTracey GustavsonDecember 30,2000Smith, TX
Frank AbramsNovella PendergraftDecember 24,1949Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Abrams

1044th: Rutherford1045th: Simons
1046th: Hilton1047th: Rivers
1048th: Wu1049th: Wills
1050th: Emery1051st: Branch
1052nd: Wolff1053rd: Arthur

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