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Atkinson is a patronymic English name, derived from the Biblical name Adam. The family motto is "esperance en Dieu" meaning "hope in God". Atkin is comprised of "Ad(e)", a diminutive of Adam, meaning "red earth" (the change from "d" to "t" was simply dialectic), and "kin," an Old English diminutive suffix meaning "little" (similar to Jr.). Atkinson therefore means "son of little Adam". In English Atkinson family history there was a family seat in Northumberland/Cumberland in ancient times; in Scotland the name is usually spelled Aitchison or Acheson and is popular in the Borders region. American Atkinson genealogy originates in Virginia in 1623.

Atkinson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Kearney Atkinson-- --, 1914March 26,2009MI
B Randolph Atkinson-- --, 1926March 18,1989NC
C Cecil Atkinson-- --, 1916November 15,1999NE
Dagnel Atkinson-- --, 1913September 28,1991TX

Atkinson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bruce Atkinson-- --, 1928June 22,1995Nixa,MO
F Elward Atkinson-- --, 1916November ,1985Bellaire,TX
G Duron Atkinson-- --, 1921January 2,1988Houston,TX
H Grant Atkinson-- --, 1918October 30,1999Chicago,IL

Atkinson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Boyd AtkinsonAndrea SmithOctober 16,1971Wake, NC
Carter AtkinsonBrookie WatsonOctober 10,1959Wake, NC
Richard AtkinsonPolly AndrewsFebruary 21,1932Wake, NC
Herbert AtkinsonCharlotte HoustonAugust 19,1939Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Atkinson

507th: Boyer508th: Huffman
509th: Whitaker510th: Stokes
511th: Davenport512th: Gates
513th: Roy514th: Wilkins
515th: Clayton516th: Collier

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