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Bruno Genealogy & History

Bruno is a German, English, and Italian surname, from the Old German and Anglo-Saxon brun, or the Old Norse name Bruni, all meaning brown. It was likely used for people with brown hair or dark skin as well as for nationalities with that characteristic or for people who wore brown, such as some clergy. Bruno family history starts with William le Brun, noted in the Pipe Rolls of Northumberland County in 1169. Well-known members of Bruno genealogy include New York Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, 16th-century friar and astronomer Giordano Bruno, burned at the stake for arguing for heliocentrism and pantheism, and Philadelphia Don Angelo Bruno.

Bruno Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Josephin Bruno-- --, 1917March 16,2001CA
Baldassare Bruno-- --, 1908February ,1979NY
Calcedoni Bruno-- --, 1903February ,1981NY
Daisy Bruno-- --, 1908August 11,1993WI

Bruno Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Bruno-- --, 1918May 10,2007Poughkeepsie,NY
Fabian Bruno-- --, 1903July 5,1999New York,NY
Gabriel Bruno-- --, 1913February 19,2005Yonkers,NY
Happi Bruno-- --, 1920June 27,1990Ruskin,FL

Bruno Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur BrunoBetty EdwardsNovember 5,1954Wake, NC
Barry BrunoCatherine SchnellerApril 3,1954Wake, NC
Louis BrunoCarol ViterittiOctober 2,1961Wake, NC
Michael BrunoClaire MayMay 19,1984Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Bruno

1120th: Horner1121st: Egan
1122nd: Koenig1123rd: Dahl
1124th: Boyce1125th: Hutchins
1126th: McGill1127th: Sanderson
1128th: Childs1129th: Roe

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