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Graff Genealogy & History

Graff is an occupational German name indicating an overseer in a lord's administration as a public scribe. Some other spellings are Graef, Graffen, Grafin, Graaf, and Grav. The family coat of arms is a shield of silver with a black band. Graff family history has Sebastian Graff as the first known to migrate to America in 1719; he settled in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Some members of the Graff genealogy are astronomer Kasimir Romuald Graff and literary critic, writer, and English and education professor Gerald Graff.

Graff Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Graff-- --, 1936May 7,2002NJ
Barbara Graff-- --, 1924August ,1987RI
Camelia Graff-- --, 1908July ,1975CA
Dahlia Graff-- --, 1892March ,1984SD

Graff Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Graff-- --, 1928May 28,1997Manito,IL
Fannie Graff-- --, 1898November ,1980Buena Park,CA
Gail Graff-- --, 1916March 7,1999Kinsley,KS
H James Graff-- --, 1923August 26,1991Delavan,IL

Graff Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benjamin GraffHeather MorganJuly 21,2001Wake, NC
David GraffCynthia RojasJuly 21,2001Harris, TX
John GraffMaude EdwardsNovember 25,1960Wake, NC
Ivan GraffElizabeth JohnsonJuly 7,1999Burnet, TX

Most Common Surnames After Graff

2062nd: Ebert2063rd: Cornett
2064th: Mims2065th: Willey
2066th: Barney2067th: Alley
2068th: Barger2069th: Rector
2070th: De Vries2071st: Gipson

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