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Herring Genealogy & History

Herring was originally, as expected, an occupational name referring to someone who caught or sold herring from the North Atlantic Ocean. Derived from Old French "hareng" and Old English "hering" and first found in Holland, Herring genealogy has many branches, including Haring, Haringen, Haringhoek, Haringshauen. Harinsma, Harinx, and Herrin. The English branch originated in Oxfordshire where they held a feudal manor, and other branches were in Germany. Herring family history in America traces to Virginia in 1642. The Herring coat of arms is a silver shield with three black fish hooks; while fish symbolize regal origins, fishhooks refer to the occupation.

Herring Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Alan Herring-- --, 1911May ,1982PA
Babe Herring-- --, 1914June 29,1998TX
Caesar Herring-- --, 1938August 25,2001NY
Daisy Herring-- --, 1909November 24,2007PA

Herring Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lawrence Herring-- --, 1926September 29,2004Cleveland,TX
Fadias Herring-- --, 1954November 13,2004Fayetteville,NC
Gabriel Herring-- --, 1914March ,1987Norwich,CT
H Dwain Herring-- --, 1930October 27,2006Sentinel,OK

Herring Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dane HerringEva WeathersApril 30,1983Wake, NC
Edward HerringHazel ChamblerJune 4,1932Wake, NC
Fredrick HerringMarjorie HeaterJune 24,1950Wake, NC
Rufus HerringCalypso HoneycuttJune 16,1931Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Herring

771st: Lutz772nd: Good
773rd: Kuhn774th: Frye
775th: Best776th: Rosenberg
777th: Faulkner778th: Coffey
779th: Hanna780th: Madden

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