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Hodge is an English name. Its origin was in the medieval English nickname "Hodge" given to men named Roger. Hodge family history begins in Northumberland, where they held a family seat for a long time; the first recorded instance is Ricardus Hoge (an alternate spelling) in 1379. The first recorded Hodge in the US was John Hodge, who immigrated to Maine in 1623. Hodge genealogy includes Harold Hodge, the first president of the Society of Toxicology. Roger Squires uses the pseudonym of Hodge in his work as a crossword compiler. The Hodge coat of arms is a blue shield with three gold annulets, a silver chevron between them.

Hodge Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Hodge-- --, 1899January ,1965MI
B Rogers Hodge-- --, 1922January 5,1991TN
C Elizabet Hodge-- --, 1928December 27,2007OK
D Farr Hodge-- --, 1929October 6,2005UT

Hodge Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Beth Hodge-- --, 1913March 24,1994Crossett,AR
Fahy Hodge-- --, 1924January 26,2010Winnsboro,LA
G Joseph Hodge-- --, 1948February 8,2005Lehigh Acres,FL
H Edward Hodge-- --, 1959September 2,1993Newport,KY

Hodge Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bunnie HodgeEmma MontgomeryJune 27,1936Wake, NC
Charlie HodgeLula ChappellJuly 23,1936Wake, NC
Douglas HodgeGloria PearceDecember 6,1952Wake, NC
Edwin HodgeLillie HaywordMay 7,1933Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hodge

594th: McDowell595th: Glenn
596th: Medina597th: Tanner
598th: Orr599th: Goldberg
600th: Donovan601st: Dickerson
602nd: Boone603rd: Conway

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