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Tanner Genealogy & History

Tanner is an English and German name, coined from the occupation of tanner. In medieval times, the tanner possessed vital skills; leather was important for everyday shoes and saddles but also for military armour and quivers. Tanner is derived from the Old English "tannere", from the Late Latin "tannarius", relating to Old High German "tanna", meaning oak or fir (whose bark was used in the tanning process), with Danner being the German version of the name. Tanner family history includes at least nine coats of arms and a feudal manor in Devonshire. American Tanner genealogy predates the Mayflower; Daniel Tanner settled in Virginia in 1618.

Tanner Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Charles Tanner-- --, 1926September 3,1987KY
B William Tanner-- --, 1922June 20,2009OH
Callie Tanner-- --, 1903September 8,1993VA
D Forrest Tanner-- --, 1925May 15,2003CO

Tanner Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Harold Tanner-- --, 1917February 10,1995Winfield,KS
Fae Tanner-- --, 1902September 29,1996Northfield,MN
Gabriel Tanner-- --, 1893March ,1966Newark,NJ
H Jeanne Tanner-- --, 1913January 15,2000Washington,DC

Tanner Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bobby TannerMary CarlsonAugust 21,1982Wake, NC
Carl TannerPeggy DukeSeptember 10,1961Wake, NC
Elvin TannerPat PayneJanuary 10,1998Wake, NC
Samuel TannerGladys HunterJune 19,1953Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Tanner

598th: Orr599th: Goldberg
600th: Donovan601st: Dickerson
602nd: Boone603rd: Conway
604th: Katz605th: Roberson
606th: Johns607th: Hull

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