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Johnston is an English and Scottish name. It is a locational name, derived from the place of the same name in Annandale, Dumfriesshire. According to Johnston family history legend, the founder of the family was named Jonis, and he was granted the lands of Johnston around 1174; to his name, he attached the word "tone" or "toun", from the Old English "tun", meaning "settlement", thus forming Johnston. Johnston genealogy includes Oliver Martin Johnston, Jr., one of the pioneering animators at Disney, and Reginald Fleming Johnston, a Scot who tutored the last emperor of China Puyi. The Johnston family motto is "nunquam non paratus", which means "never unprepared".

Johnston Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Arvell Johnston-- --, 1918June 7,1999AR
B Gordon Johnston-- --, 1921May 11,2010MA
C D Johnston-- --, 1908August 8,2005OH
D Duane Johnston-- --, 1916June 6,1998IA

Johnston Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Anne Johnston-- --, 1922May 17,2002Aptos,CA
F Blanche Johnston-- --, 1918December 31,2009Lexington,KY
G Herbert Johnston-- --, 1914September 18,2000Snohomish,WA
H Byron Johnston-- --, 1939September 3,1992Lubbock,TX

Johnston Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aubry JohnstonRuth DealDecember 23,1935Wake, NC
Charles JohnstonSusie OvermanOctober 11,1947Wake, NC
Jesse JohnstonFrances PageOctober 27,1934Wake, NC
Richard JohnstonSarah DesernNovember 10,1945Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Johnston

139th: Robertson140th: Carlson
141st: Henry142nd: Larson
143rd: Black144th: Nichols
145th: Woods146th: Mills
147th: Kelley148th: Sanchez

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