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Carlson Genealogy & History

Carlson is a Germanic surname, ultimately originating in Scandinavia but traveling to England as well. It is a patronymic, meaning "son of Carl", of which Charles is a variation, from which we also get Charleston. Carlson family history begins in 1221 with the recording of Frethesant Cherl on the county charter of Cambridgeshire, London, though the use of Carl or Charles as a given name is noted several years earlier with Carolus on the Suffolk Curia Rolls in 1208. Carlson genealogy boasts illustrious personages such as Arne Carlson, two-term governor of Minnesota; FOX personality Gretchen Carlson; and conservative pundit Tucker Carlson.

Carlson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Barth Carlson-- --, 1920April 11,1991MI
B Eleda Carlson-- --, 1894October 22,1991MA
C Adrian Carlson-- --, 1885December ,1967CT
D Faye Carlson-- --, 1932June 25,1988CA

Carlson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ann Carlson-- --, 1923December 20,1989Lynnwood,WA
F Rudolph Carlson-- --, 1913December 30,1995Dundee,NY
G Albert Carlson-- --, 1924October 2,1990Rockford,IL
H Clifford Carlson-- --, 1919October ,1981Richmond,VA

Carlson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Carl CarlsonHazel LeonardJune 7,1947Wake, NC
Herbert CarlsonMaxine SingletaryFebruary 10,1946Wake, NC
Joe CarlsonNorma EllingtonSeptember 22,1984Wake, NC
George CarlsonNellie BrownSeptember 26,1973Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Carlson

141st: Henry142nd: Larson
143rd: Black144th: Nichols
145th: Woods146th: Mills
147th: Kelley148th: Sanchez
149th: Warren150th: Dunn

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