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Kay is an English and French surname with several origins. First, it was used to indicate someone who made keys or guarded them, the latter being an important job in an aristocratic house, which ultimately comes from the Old English caeg, meaning key. There's also the Old French kaye, meaning quay, and used for people living or working on one. The Welsh Cai or Cornish Key may also have developed into Kay, from King Arthur's brother. Kay family history starts with Geoffrey Cai, noted in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk in 1197. Well-known members of Kay genealogy include British singer James Kay, known professionally as Jamiroquai, Canadian author Guy Kay, and former British Lord Justice of Appeal John Kay.

Kay Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Stanley Kay-- --, 1914January 18,1996OH
Billy Kay-- --, 1954December 1,1995GA
Caldonia Kay-- --, 1918March ,1975AL
D James Kay-- --, 1894December ,1976NY

Kay Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Sung Kay-- --, 1911February 28,2002Silver Spring,MD
F Arthur Kay-- --, 1916December 13,2005Woodinville,WA
Gail Kay-- --, 1898September ,1992California,MO
Hallette Kay-- --, 1882February ,1967Los Angeles,CA

Kay Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony KayHlinh NayFebruary 9,2002Wake, NC
Charles KayCynthia PerkinsOctober 27,1984Wake, NC
Dan KayConstance SabellaAugust 24,1968Wake, NC
Harold KayShirley ThomasNovember 18,1966Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Kay

1071st: Courtney1072nd: Kimball
1073rd: Woodruff1074th: Crow
1075th: Luna1076th: Post
1077th: Gregg1078th: Driscoll
1079th: Funk1080th: Boggs

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