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Langston Genealogy & History

Langston stems from the pre-seventh-century Old English word lang and stan, meaning long and stone. This would be a locational name for a boundary marker or even one of the standing stones. Langston family history has one of the earliest recordings of the name as the Archbishop of Canterbury, England, Cardinal Stephen Langton (circa 1150-1228). He was instrumental in solving the dispute between King John and Pope Innocent III resulting in the Magna Carta. Some members of Langston genealogy are first African-American Congressional Representative and civil rights pioneer John Mercer Langston; paleontologist Wann Langston, Jr.; and bioinformatics and computational biology computer scientist, Bernadine Michael A. Langston.

Langston Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Edgar Langston-- --, 1913March 12,1995MT
Bannie Langston-- --, 1919September 29,1993SC
C Walter Langston-- --, 1924June 29,2002TX
Daisy Langston-- --, 1926March 20,2000NC

Langston Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Langston-- --, 1921July ,1981Bronx,NY
Fae Langston-- --, 1901May ,1985Jacksonville,FL
Gail Langston-- --, 1938February 16,2003La Grange,NC
Hallie Langston-- --, 1908March ,1995Monticello,MS

Langston Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen LangstonNancy ColvinFebruary 16,1963Wake, NC
Bobby LangstonJoyce AllenJune 16,1962Wake, NC
Charles LangstonMaggie McfarlandAugust 25,1936Wake, NC
David LangstonLouise GillApril 30,1935Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Langston

1661st: Fontenot1662nd: Schaeffer
1663rd: Melvin1664th: Brantley
1665th: Steward1666th: Bain
1667th: Mott1668th: Jansen
1669th: Iverson1670th: Oakley

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