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Leahy Genealogy & History

Leahy is an Irish surname from the Old Gaelic laochda, meaning the heroic one. As with most Irish names, it is a patronymic and describes the original chief of the clan, who would likely have been given the name through exemplary martial prowess. It was most common in Munster but occurred on the rest of the island as well. Leahy family history begins in 1581, when John O´┐ŻLahy was hanged in Dublin for refusing to renounce his faith. Leahy genealogy includes Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy and Admiral William Leahy.

Leahy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Leahy-- --, 1896April ,1981MA
Barbara Leahy-- --, 1907April ,1989MA
C Louise Leahy-- --, 1924November 16,2003MA
D Peter Leahy-- --, 1937June 24,2006NH

Leahy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ruby Leahy-- --, 1917August 25,2000Stratford,CT
F Katherin Leahy-- --, 1914October 3,1988Tiffin,OH
Gabriel Leahy-- --, 1906May ,1974Deland,FL
Hannah Leahy-- --, 1900March 26,1993Phoenix,AZ

Leahy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
James LeahyMary SylviaAugust 1,1967Wake, NC
Scott LeahyKristin LavigneJuly 19,2003Wake, NC
Patrick LeahyMary KeliherMarch 7,1992Dallas, TX
William LeahyMinnie KelseyMarch 7,1969Bell, TX

Most Common Surnames After Leahy

2406th: Ayres2407th: Pepper
2408th: Patten2409th: Thrasher
2410th: Wheatley2411th: Killian
2412th: Redman2413th: Rangel
2414th: Guinn2415th: Samuel

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