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Rader Genealogy & History

Rader is a German occupational surname, from the Old German rat, meaning wheel, and the suffix -er, meaning someone relating to it, thus meaning a man who constructed wheels for a living, possibly also attaching them to carts and wheelbarrows. It was also spelled Raeder, Redder, and Rademacher, among other variations, including an umlaut over the a. Rader family history enters the New World with Mathaeus Raeder, who sailed to America in 1760. Rader genealogy includes Giants catcher David Rader, federal judge Randall Ray Rader, draft card burner Gary Rader, and former Salvation Army General and Asbury University President Paul Rader.

Rader Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Rader-- --, 1884January ,1971NJ
Ballard Rader-- --, 1917February 15,2005KY
C Kermit Rader-- --, 1911March 22,1999PA
Dainty Rader-- --, 1903October ,1973WV

Rader Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Rader-- --, 1890April ,1970Mount Kisco,NY
Fannie Rader-- --, 1884December ,1973Brooklyn,NY
Gail Rader-- --, 1908April ,1978Mill Creek,WV
H Maria Rader-- --, 1916January ,1982Chandler,AZ

Rader Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Douglas RaderElizabeth PeacockMay 25,1991Wake, NC
James RaderAngel PattonOctober 3,2003Wake, NC
Oscar RaderGladys TaylorJuly 15,1978Caldwell, TX
Larry RaderCheryl EdwardsAugust 8,1970Bee, TX

Most Common Surnames After Rader

1719th: Darnell1720th: Penn
1721st: Humphries1722nd: Flood
1723rd: Huston1724th: Bryson
1725th: Ledford1726th: Helm
1727th: Hamlin1728th: Keen

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