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Reyes Genealogy & History

Reyes is a general European and Spanish surname, primarily from the Latin rex, carried into Norman French as rey or rie. From that, it was more likely given as a surname to those who behaved regally or someone playing as a king in a pageant or festival. In any case, Reyes family history begins with Ralph de la Reye, noted in the Hundred Rolls of Oxford in 1279. Reyes genealogy lays claim to people like Texas Representative and former House Intelligence Committee chair Silvestre Reyes, former Colombian President Rafael Reyes, and Nuevo Leon Governor and General Bernard Reyes.

Reyes Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A A Pancho Reyes-- --, 1949April 23,1996CA
B Flores Reyes-- --, 1915July 14,2000TX
Calastico Reyes-- --, 1921December 18,1997TX
Daer Reyes-- --, 1959August 17,2009NJ

Reyes Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Reyes-- --, 1983January 16,2003El Cajon,CA
Fabian Reyes-- --, 1968August ,1986Laredo,TX
Gabriel Reyes-- --, 1908October 18,1997Quebradillas,PR
Haddy Reyes-- --, 1928January 21,2001Hallandale,FL

Reyes Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Fernando ReyesSusan ReyesApril 10,2003Wake, NC
Jose ReyesMaria CastroMarch 8,1987Wake, NC
Gabriel ReyesGarcia BrionesSeptember 27,2000Harris, TX
Dallas ReyesShelly RobertsJune 16,2000Tarrant, TX

Most Common Surnames After Reyes

345th: Newton346th: Moran
347th: Harmon348th: Goodwin
349th: Manning350th: Webster
351st: Roth352nd: Hartman
353rd: Paul354th: Parsons

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