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Goodwin (or Goodwine) marks it as one of the few early Anglo-Saxon or Scandanavian-Viking names to survive the Norman Invasion, dating from the ninth century. Variant forms include Godwin, Goodwin, Goodswin, Goodswein, and Godswen. It comes from the seventh-century given name of "Godwine", which can mean (depending on one's choices) "God-Friend", "God-Follower", or "God-Protector". Goodwin family history in America starts in 1632 in Boston, Massachusetts. Goodwin genealogy include the artists Philip R. Goodwin and Betty Goodwin, the inventor and priest Hannibal Goodwin, and the mathematician Brian Goodwin.

Goodwin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Faye Goodwin-- --, 1922October 19,2006ME
Babe Goodwin-- --, 1880October ,1967AR
C Leroy Goodwin-- --, 1922January 18,1999OH
Daisey Goodwin-- --, 1900December ,1970NH

Goodwin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Howard Goodwin-- --, 1919June 27,2010Charlottesville,VA
F Foster Goodwin-- --, 1918May 21,1995Montgomery,AL
G Edward Goodwin-- --, 1918March 16,1997Sisters,OR
H Arnold Goodwin-- --, 1914May 15,2005Newark,OH

Goodwin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Asa GoodwinLillian BellDecember 8,1934Wake, NC
Bruce GoodwinJean MillsJune 16,1956Wake, NC
Colon GoodwinEunice HamiltonFebruary 25,1940Wake, NC
Estis GoodwinLottie JohnsonJuly 3,1937Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Goodwin

349th: Manning350th: Webster
351st: Roth352nd: Hartman
353rd: Paul354th: Parsons
355th: Owen356th: Rowe
357th: Daniel358th: Burgess

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