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Simms Genealogy & History

Simms is an English patronymic surname from Sim or Simme, a diminutive of the Greek name Simon, related to the Hebrew Shimeon, which means he who hears. In the Old Testament, both Shimeon and Simeon are used. The name likely became more common during and after the Crusades, as returning warriors marked their experiences with a name change. Simms family history begins in 1379, when Robert Symmes was entered in the Poll Tax Returns Records of Yorkshire. Simms genealogy includes several noteworthy people, such as murdered labor leader Harry Simms, Confederate Kentucky Senator William Sims, and Giants quarterback and CBS sportscaster Phil Simms.

Simms Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaro Simms-- --, 1902October 6,1988OK
Baby Simms-- --, 1928October 7,2006NY
C Carlton Simms-- --, 1922April 28,2007WV
Dailie Simms-- --, 1900January 11,1990TN

Simms Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Simms-- --, 1924August 21,1997Port Saint Lucie,FL
Fabiola Simms-- --, 1889November ,1975Belvidere,IL
Gabe Simms-- --, 1883June ,1980Gunnison,MS
Hal Simms-- --, 1919July 2,2002Cumberland,RI

Simms Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert SimmsHelen CanadayJanuary 1,1941Wake, NC
Byron SimmsMaria FloresJuly 5,2001Williamson, TX
Claude SimmsHattie RoyalSeptember 20,1969Wake, NC
Earl SimmsBernice JohnsonJanuary 12,2001Travis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Simms

1383rd: Choi1384th: Yu
1385th: Meade1386th: Nance
1387th: Butcher1388th: Rojas
1389th: Beaver1390th: Carlton
1391st: Ivey1392nd: Butts

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