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Yarbrough Genealogy & History

Yarbrough, also spelled Yarborough, is an English locational surname, from the villages of Yarborough and Yarburgh in Lincolnshire, a county in east-central England. They are named from the Old English eorthburg, a compound of eorthe or eorethe, meaning earth or soil, and burg, which means fortress or burrow. Yarbrough family history journeys to the New World with Richard Yarbrough, who sailed from London to Virginia in 1714. Yarbrough genealogy includes quite a few well-known people, such as General James Yarbrough, folksinger Glenn Yarbrough, Brigadier General William Yarborough, and former two-term integrationist and prominent liberal Texas Senator Ralph Yarborough.

Yarbrough Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Yarbrough-- --, 1937January 7,2001SC
Baby Yarbrough-- --, 1946October 16,2003AR
C George Yarbrough-- --, 1921January 28,2000FL
Daerro Yarbrough-- --, 1905May ,1977NV

Yarbrough Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ed Yarbrough-- --, 1926February 14,2002Jacksonville,FL
F Lee Yarbrough-- --, 1920April 8,1992Dickinson,TX
Gail Yarbrough-- --, 1926September 11,1997Claremont,CA
Hal Yarbrough-- --, 1930December 9,2006Saint Petersburg,FL

Yarbrough Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur YarbroughNicole ForneyFebruary 20,1994Wake, NC
Charles YarbroughMargaret BaronMay 1,1999Wake, NC
David YarbroughMaya PurringtonOctober 19,2002Wake, NC
Eric YarbroughTammy RiceOctober 19,2001Brazos, TX

Most Common Surnames After Yarbrough

1298th: Chung1299th: Ferris
1300th: Koehler1301st: Franco
1302nd: Stiles1303rd: Bland
1304th: Jewell1305th: Gallegos
1306th: Sykes1307th: Winn

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