Burdick Family History

Burdick Genealogy & History

Burdick stems from the French, either as a locational name for someone from the Bourdic area or from borda (shield) as an occupational name for son of a shield bearer. Some other spellings are Bordet, Bourdet, Burdit, and Burditt. Burdick family history has the first known recording of the name as William Burdett, who held lands in Potton, Bedfordshire, England, in 1214. Some members of Burdick genealogy are Columbia Law School law professor, lawyer, and Utica, New York, mayor Francis Marion Burdick; political scientist, novelist, and non-fiction writer Eugene L. Burdick; and baseball card collector and cataloguer Jefferson R. Burdick.

Burdick Birth Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
A Blanche B. -- --, 1888 March ,1992 IL
Barbara B. -- --, 1920 January 8,1992 NH
C Gordan B. -- --, 1925 January 5,1998 WA
Dagmar B. -- --, 1942 March 20,2006 CT

Burdick Death Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
E Leroy B. -- --, 1924 April 17,2009 Elk Grove,CA
F Elsie B. -- --, 1909 May ,1983 Dearborn Heights,MI
Gail B. -- --, 1934 June 15,1993 Bernardston,MA
H Laurence B. -- --, 1914 May 24,1998 Little Genesee,NY

Burdick Marriage Records

Name Spouse Marriage Date Location
Aaron B. Amy Allemang August 28,2008 Wake, NC
Dustin B. Sarah Armbruster April 15,2000 Lamar, TX
Michael B. Carmon Ogan October 16,1993 Wake, NC
Todd B. Teresa Williams September 5,1998 Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Burdick

1973rd: Arnett 1974th: Renner
1975th: Bartholomew 1976th: Mercado
1977th: Heck 1978th: Cervantes
1979th: Velez 1980th: Bock
1981st: Fine 1982nd: Wendt

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