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Burrows Genealogy & History

The Burrows genealogy can trace its origins to England, specifically Hampshire. The surname associated with Burrows family history is a derived from the Old English beorg, meaning hill. Topographical in nature, the Burrow surname indicates that early Burrows inhabited areas that were close to hills. The first Burrows to settle in the United States was John Burrows, arriving in Virginia in 1623. Other noteworthy people from the Burrows genealogy include filmmaker David Burrows, session singer Tony Burrows, English actress Saffron Burrows, Welsh operatic tenor Stuart Burrows, comic book artist Jacen Burrows, and Australian jazz and swing musician Don Burrows.

Burrows Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Roy Burrows-- --, 1926June 4,2007NY
Barbara Burrows-- --, 1917September ,1987NH
C Otis Burrows-- --, 1922February 17,2002SC
Dagmar Burrows-- --, 1891July ,1987OR

Burrows Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gene Burrows-- --, 1923March 15,1995Galveston,IN
F G Alden Burrows-- --, 1930September 19,2005Arcata,CA
Gail Burrows-- --, 1930November 19,2005Carthage,MO
Hal Burrows-- --, 1949February 17,2009Southern Pines,NC

Burrows Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert BurrowsPatricia DixonDecember 27,1956Wake, NC
Dennis BurrowsJoan HudginsFebruary 6,2001Wake, NC
Frederick BurrowsBrenda WilliamsDecember 23,1968Wake, NC
Harold BurrowsAlice KelleyOctober 20,1968Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Burrows

1706th: Heard1707th: Trotter
1708th: Crum1709th: Ladd
1710th: Cody1711th: Newsome
1712th: Duff1713th: Kellogg
1714th: Ochoa1715th: Van Dyke

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