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Cross is an English surname that was derived from the Old Norse word "kross", which means a cross. In Old English, this word became "cruc". Cross family history indicates that this surname may have a few possible origins. The first origin may have been topographical, referring to a person who lived near a stone cross set up by the side of the road or near or in a settlement. Another possible derivation may refer to a person who carried a cross in church processions. Cross genealogy shows several alternative spellings, including Cross, Crosse, du Cross, and Crossman.

Cross Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Joyce Cross-- --, 1923April 26,2006MN
B David Cross-- --, 1918November ,1984IL
C Basil Cross-- --, 1926January 15,2006ND
David Cross-- --, 1933November 6,1990NY

Cross Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Carolyn Cross-- --, 1918April 11,2004Saint Petersburg,FL
F Grant Cross-- --, 1924May 18,1999Spring Hill,FL
G Malcolm Cross-- --, 1926July 6,2005Foley,MN
H Bruce Cross-- --, 1921June 27,1997Prattsville,NY

Cross Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Averia CrossR ColvinOctober 20,1945Wake, NC
Byron CrossPamela ShortJuly 11,1981Wake, NC
Charlie CrossSallie ChoplinOctober 30,1943Wake, NC
Daniel CrossRosetta ByrdAugust 27,1971Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Cross

341st: Miles342nd: Moss
343rd: Todd344th: Reyes
345th: Newton346th: Moran
347th: Harmon348th: Goodwin
349th: Manning350th: Webster

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