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Floyd is an Irish name. Thought it is sometimes a different spelling of the Scottish name "Flood", it is more likely to come from the Welsh nickname "Lloyd", meaning someone who was gray-haired (the Welsh word "llwyd" means "gray"). Floyd family history is first recorded in Connacht. Floyd genealogy includes William Floyd, who signed the Declaration of Independence representing New York, and Charles Floyd, who was quartermaster for Lewis and Clarke. The Floyd coat of arms is three silver wolf heads on a green shield, with a silver chevron between them. The Floyd motto is "Vis unita fortior", or "Strength united is the more powerful".

Floyd Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Gurnie Floyd-- --, 1929April 21,1991NC
Barry Floyd-- --, 1957April 14,1989NC
Cager Floyd-- --, 1891September ,1979KY
Dacie Floyd-- --, 1879December ,1977CA

Floyd Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Irene Floyd-- --, 1921May 27,2005Casey,IL
F Pat Floyd-- --, 1921May 28,1996Waynesboro,VA
Gaberial Floyd-- --, 1957March 16,1994Grayson,KY
H Bennett Floyd-- --, 1917July 12,2002Pine Mountain,GA

Floyd Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brent FloydKaren MileyAugust 19,1997Wake, NC
Claude FloydPeggy RichardsonOctober 1,1949Wake, NC
Dan FloydJennie HartnessJune 28,1933Wake, NC
Edwin FloydMarjorie StoweJune 26,1955Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Floyd

450th: Ruiz451st: Carey
452nd: Jacobson453rd: Wilkinson
454th: Stein455th: Brock
456th: Foley457th: Ballard
458th: Shepherd459th: Farrell

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