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Gibbs is most commonly a variant of the English and Scottish surname "Gibson", but this is a reversal, as Gibson itself comes from "Gibbs-son". Gibbs is a pet-name form of "Gilbert", or "bright hostage". Gibbs genealogy lists such alternate spellings as Gib, Gibb, Gibbe, and Gibbes. This name generally originates in the Invernessshire region of Scotland, although it is also found in Ireland and has been associated with the Picts. The Gibbs family history in America starts in 1624. Notable Gibbs include the actress Marla Gibbs, the naval architect William Francis Gibbs, and the architect James Gibbs.

Gibbs Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Harold Gibbs-- --, 1923December 11,2004NC
Baden Gibbs-- --, 1929August 15,2008MI
C Gilbert Gibbs-- --, 1923February 23,2001NC
D Juanita Gibbs-- --, 1920November 14,2004OH

Gibbs Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Marguer Gibbs-- --, 1915November ,1978Lapeer,MI
Fae Gibbs-- --, 1912February ,1987Ellis,KS
G Travis Gibbs-- --, 1915February 10,2003Pearland,TX
H Lawrence Gibbs-- --, 1919April 10,1993Monroe,LA

Gibbs Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Al GibbsFreda DriverJune 24,2002Wake, NC
Columbus GibbsPhyllis EasonMarch 30,1968Wake, NC
Edward GibbsBrenda StaffordJune 2,1985Wake, NC
Thomas GibbsFrances PatrickJanuary 9,1943Wake, NC

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448th: Romero449th: Floyd
450th: Ruiz451st: Carey
452nd: Jacobson453rd: Wilkinson
454th: Stein455th: Brock

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