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Hubbard Genealogy & History

Hubbard is an English name. Its origins are debated. It could be derived from the Anglo-Saxon given name "Hugibert" or "Hubert", a compound of the Old English "hug", meaning "heart", and "beorht" meaning "bright" or "famous". Alternately, it could be derived from the Norman given name "Hildebert", from Germanic "hild", meaning "battle" or "strife", and the aforementioned "beorht". Hubbard family history begins in Cheshire, where Duke William granted them land for their assistance in the Battle of Hastings. Hubbard genealogy includes Bell Telephone co-founder and National Geographic Society president Gardiner Greene Hubbard and Robert Calvin Hubbard, the only member of both the Football and Baseball Halls of Fame.

Hubbard Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Hubbard-- --, 1879March ,1978OH
Baby Hubbard-- --, 1909March ,1979TX
C Bruce Hubbard-- --, 1915August 8,2005KS
D Joy Hubbard-- --, 1925December 11,2005TX

Hubbard Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bernece Hubbard-- --, 1920March 15,2000Riverton,UT
F Helen Hubbard-- --, 1906September 1,1994Catonsville,MD
G Burton Hubbard-- --, 1922November 21,2007Douglasville,GA
H Berkley Hubbard-- --, 1926September 12,2007Clarkdale,AZ

Hubbard Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ernest HubbardJune LeeJune 1,1963Wake, NC
Matthew HubbardDoris RagsdaleDecember 25,1943Wake, NC
Ronald HubbardMary McdonaldSeptember 14,1946Wake, NC
Langdon HubbardMargaret WimbaughOctober 23,1948Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hubbard

394th: Ramos395th: Park
396th: Francis397th: McGee
398th: Silva399th: Lang
400th: Osborne401st: Marsh
402nd: Clarke403rd: Townsend

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