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Key is an English surname with several possible origins. It might be an occupational name for someone who made or worked with keys, from the Old English coeg, meaning key. It might also be a topographical name for someone living near or working at a wharf, from the Middle English and Old French kay/kaye, meaning quay. Next, it could be from the Middle English name Kay, from the Welsh cai, which means corn. Key family history begins with Geoffrey Cai in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk in 1297. Kay genealogy includes such illustrious personages as poet Francis Scott Key and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

Key Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Raymond Key-- --, 1916November ,1982PA
Bailey Key-- --, 1906August ,1970TX
Cairl Key-- --, 1882July ,1966TN
D Wayne Key-- --, 1918May 9,2003TX

Key Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eadie Key-- --, 1873January 15,1968Ponce De Leon,FL
F Paschall Key-- --, 1917November 14,2007Hixson,TN
G Carlton Key-- --, 1925May 9,1999Town Creek,AL
H Leo Key-- --, 1918February 11,1995Sulphur,LA

Key Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred KeyCynthia PfefferNovember 12,2000Harris, TX
Bobby KeyAdelaide DanielsJuly 1,1955Wake, NC
Charles KeyEthyl BlissMarch 5,1943Wake, NC
Estral KeySheila HawkinsSeptember 5,2000Harrison, TX

Most Common Surnames After Key

972nd: Rankin973rd: Childers
974th: Liu975th: Tuttle
976th: Barlow977th: Field
978th: Guerrero979th: Knowles
980th: Terrell981st: Schumacher

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